Social media is making success rapidly and developing new tools for better performance. Instagram developed a new tool for making videos with the increased time period, such as 10 minutes for personal Instagram accounts, and for 60 minutes for popular and verified accounts, the tool is IGTV. It is a super good tool introduced by Instagram.

You can easily increase your notoriety with the use of this amazing tool.  It is a good decision to buy IGTV views for the promotion of your content. The delivery time for conventional delivery is 24 hours, and to express one is less than 12 hours.

If you buy IGTV likes and views then you become famous very quickly and all these likes and the views will come from actual accounts, not fake ones. We will promote your specific content on our partner websites.


How soon will I receive my views?

There are two types of deliveries one is classic delivery, which will take 24 hours, and the second one is express delivery, it will take time less than 12 hours.  If you choose progressive delivery, then your order will be treated on a priority basis through express delivery service.

In buying of views, is there any risk factor also involve?   

There is no risk factor in the purchase of views and followers.  All methods of promotions are according to the Instagram policy and natural.

Are these accounts are really real ones?

All of these accounts are genuine and real, and they belong from partner websites, where we are promoting your content.

What are the nationalities of the followers?

The followers are mostly from European countries and some from the continent of America. All of them are international followers.

How can a person have a discreet and credible progression?

The time of delivery particularly depends on the number of views and followers and the quantity you order. The progressive delivery can extend within 24 hours to 30 days maximum.

What is the quantity of the minimum order?

The quantity for the minimum order is 200 views.

Is there any chance that purchased followers will unsubscribe?

Sometimes people are not interested in your content, and they unsubscribe your channel, and for this purpose and to solve this issue, we will give you a guarantee for unsubscribing.

What does the unsubscribe guarantee provide?

With your payment receipt, we will provide you guarantee number and the current number of followers and the number of followers you purchased through email. If you lose some followers, then you just have to send that email to us. 

The possibility to subscribe to the guarantee after the purchase?

For the non-subscription to guarantee, an email will send to your registered email address to offer it. The time limit is one week to make a subscription.

 If the person doesn’t take out a warranty, then What will happen?

When you place an order, then the confirmation email will be sent to you at your email address. At this moment and onwards, there are no longer follower guaranteed. It is highly recommended for you to subscribe to the unsubscribe guarantee.