Instagram stories are a new way to connect with your followers. You may be curious about who is watching your story, but it is not a mystery. Instagram story views are a number of people who watched your story within 24 hours when it as online. Instagram stories are an amazing way to promote a business or brand. People who visit your profile can turn into fans and then into followers. If you want to increase the audience, buy Instagram story views, and you will see the difference.

What are the Instagram story highlights?      

With Instagram story highlights, your stories do not disappear. When your stories are archived, you can add them to highlight by choosing the plus icon before your profile picture. You can add more visited or favorite stories into a highlight album. You can add a cover to highlight the album. If you are running a brand, you can make different highlight albums based on different products or content. And your visitors can watch them below your profile. You can use a specific pattern or template for each album so that it is easy for your viewers to recognize you.

Why should someone buy Instagram story views?

Why are you on Instagram? Obviously, to influence others and promote your brand. It is almost impossible if you do not have a lot of followers. Fortunately, buying Instagram story views can help you with that. If you buy Instagram impressions, you can invite more visitors to your profile. Stories disappear after 24 hours, so buying Instagram story views can bring maximum visitors within this time. And if these visitors like your content and products, they will become your true fans and, ultimately, buyers. Post your best content and also buy IGTV likes to make your profile authentic and trustable.

Why corporate accounts prefer Instagram stories and how buying views can help?

Today corporate accounts are looking for some creative and colorful stories. They want to use these stories to increase engagement. They want to increase traffic to their count, increase sales, and to build brand awareness. Instagram stories are in a hot list of marketers all around the world. If they buy IGTV views for stories, they can spread them to other people. 

You can promote your latest article on your blog on stories by combining them with the link. And when the person clicks on the swipe up option, he will be directed to the main post. If you have only one story on your account, buy maximum views for this story. But if you have so many stories on your account, buy views for the latest one.

What the most important thing to do?

Your followers should be your priority, give them something to trust on you. And buying Instagram views and like can make your profile authentic. Highlight old archived stories to get more views on them. Your style should appear on your stories, use the same colors fonts, and show them you are ahead on Instagram, professional and trustable.